Windows 7/8/8.1 MBR Examination Part 1

Master Boot Record (MBR) is usually a label for the first sector of a hard drive. The sector contains part of the operating system boot code and information about primary partitions of the hard drive. The boot code gets executed just after BIOS finishes its initialization and performs POST sequence. Main task of the boot code stored inside MBR is to transfer the control to one of the primary partitions that actually boots the operating system.

Because Master Boot Record is executed so early in the boot process, it might be interesting to look at it more closely. Some time ago, I did the analysis myself. I decided to share it on this website because it coverts the topic of my lecture at the Security Session 2014 conference.

This is the corrected version of the article presented on certain website you probably have never heard of. I also decided to move the article since that website seems to be completely dead. It is also true that there exist various analysis of Windows MBR code on the web. I just wanted to perform such thing purely on my own.

The article has been moved to Englush version of this site, so go there and read it

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